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The people you love, the people you do life with, the people who have your HEART….they matter to you, and they matter to us. Relationship is everything at LD Images. We want to be a part of creating something special. An album you can hold in your hand, a Portrait you can hang on the wall. We believe there is nothing that warms your HEART, and makes you smile more, than seeing your beautiful portraits on the walls of your home. Your mind remembers the moment, that cute smile, the emotion between the people in the photograph. These are the images that you will cherish forever. Your children will show their children, and the legacy of your HEART continues for generations. 


Our Approach

  LD Images is a Boutique Portrait Studio, which means we'll custom create a portrait session just for you.  You've made photography a priority for your family and we are here to help.  We'll talk with you about location choices, clothing options and find the right time so that it fits into your schedule.  


What to Expect

There are Three Steps in our process. 

  • 1. We'll schedule a Design Consultation to discuss the vision for your portrait session and schedule the best time for your session.
  • 2. The Photo Session
  • 3.  The Reveal/Ordering Session where you will see your beautiful images and choose the ones that will be displayed in your home.

 We'll answer any questions you might have during the process.  With our expertise and professional tools, we'll help you choose the best products for you.  From Wall Art, to Albums, to Gift Prints, we'll help you select the images that will transform your HEART into ART. 

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