There are so many times in your life when capturing those special moments is so important.  Weddings, Births, Toddlers, High School Seniors.  But sometimes when life gets busy, we tend to put photography on the back burner.  Usually when a child is about the age of 7-11 we lose track of capturing those all important years.  We tend to let school photography be the only documentation we have of our kids at that stage of life.  I’ve been the parent who has gotten the school picture and thought,” Well at least we have something.”  But you deserve more!!

It happens, sometimes kids are nervous with all the other kids around, or maybe they just got done with lunch and just aren’t feeling up to being photographed.  Whatever the reason, your child deserves that extra attention.  A place where they feel like they can be themselves and get comfortable.  That’s when a professional photographer can offer that special touch.  Create those special portraits of your child.  Life happens fast, and we can put photography off till later,  but with the right photographer you will have the images you deserve and those years won’t be lost or forgotten.  LD Images Photography can help!  Let’s create some special moments together!