The holidays are the most special time of the year.  Especially when you get to spend them with the ones you love.  The holidays 2020 may have looked different, as we may not have spent those quality moments with those we love.

When LD Images received a phone call the week of Christmas from a Dad in Atlanta saying he wanted to get a portrait with his children we of course said yes!  It was scheduled quickly, as he only had a few days to make this happen.  But what a special thing this Dad did for his children.  You could feel the love in the room!

We think these moments don’t mean anything… was just a picture, right?  But I’m telling you, it means much more to that Dad.  It will mean much more to his children in the years to come!  Never underestimate the power of photography in your life.

If you get the chance to be with family, with really close friends, take the pictures!  Be in the pictures! And print the pictures!  It will mean more that you can ever imagine.

Let us know at LD Images Photography if you need help, if you would like to elevate your portraits and add that special touch….we can help with that and we are just a phone call away.

Lisa 🙂